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    Research Topics
Research Topics
Self-Organizing Network
  • Current research embraces a wide variety of issues pertinent to both wireless and wired networks
  • e.g. Overlay network, Mobile Ad-hoc Network
Information Coding
  • Source coding
  • Channel coding
  • Network coding
Converge of the two fields
  • Bring coding theoretic approaches to real-time information reconciliation/delivery
Recent Programs

Recent Programs
  • Techniques of data dissemination with network coding, guiding exploration topics of 863 Plans
  • Research on manageable functional systems and key techniques of IPv6-oriented content distribution services for P2P stream media dispensation, focal topics of Shanghai Municipality for key problems
  • The maximal rates and minimal delays of orthogonal STBCs and quasi-orthogonal STBCs, NSFC Programs (National Natural Science Foundation of China)
  • Constructing efficient space-time codes, Shanghai Pujiang Talent Plan
  • Portable terminals of supporting digital multimedia TV, Electronics & Information Industry Development Foundation of Ministry of Information Industry
  • storage and quick retrieve of audio and video information based on AVS-M, S&T special funds of Science & Technology Development Foundation of Shanghai Pudong
  • Research on network architectures and streaming media techniques of model applications on High-performance broadband information network (3TNet), a branch of the significant topics for key problems of science and technology, Shanghai S&T Commission
  • Research on strategy problems of 3Tnet, a branch of 3Tnet special topics of 863 Program
  • Research on reliable multicast techniques under mobile Internet environment, key programs of international science and technology collaboration of Shanghai Municipality
  • Research on key techniques of Internet DTV/HDTV, a branch of 3Tnet special topics of 863 Program
  • Trellises for linear codes, group codes and lattices, JSPS programs
  • Research and test on key techniques and protocal function of IPv6 applications, crosswise topics
Network coding is SONICí»s focus
  • Building a testbed in which information is transmitted via network coding instead of routing
  • China Next-generation Network Testbed (2007-2010)
  • Architecture and Service Model
We have collaborations with
  • Queen Mary, University of London, UK MoNUbiC
  • Toronto University in Canada, Professor Baochun Li
  • Kyoto University in Japan, Doctor AO Lim
  • University of Science and Technology of China(USTC), Professor Yinlong Xu
  • Alcatel Shanghai Bell
Style of collaborations
  • Projects (networking and coding fields)
  • International Corporate Funding
  • Joint lab
  • Visiting Scholar/Student